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Chuck Dubois, Artist

Barns and farm landscapes will always be a part of the

American scene, but much of the past may not be around
much longer. Chuck’s paintings reflect the desire to record some small part of the American landscape as it was once
known, scenes so often viewed but rarely examined.

Painting landscapes and coastal scenes reflect his a way of recording part of the history we all have experienced—that of aging barns, windswept fields, and coastal scenic wonders faded by weather and time. Stormy skies, along with the contrast of earth, snow and water preserve the elements in the landscapes of the scene being painted and are always inspirational for many of his paintings.

Chuck photo.jpg

As an artist he interprets nature and doesn’t copy landscapes. The paintings are simple and not detailed. The use of paint and textured paper helps to create the scenes that we may see everyday…visible to all but so often not really seen. Not only does he work in watercolor, but also in acrylic on canvas painting in the PleinAir style. Chuck’s work is in numerous private collections and corporate offices in the Mid-west and in the Northeast. He has appeared in numerous shows and has received various purchase awards
throughout his career.


Chuck is from Illinois and after spending 21 years in advertising in Massachusetts now resides in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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